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Seven little known facts about stationery:

  • Monograms were created hundreds of years ago as a way for illiterate members of royalty to authorize documents and proclamations. Charlemagne was one of the early users of monograms. He was unable to write his name, so he drew his monogram in lieu of signing his name.
  • Men should not use fold over notes.
  • As letters are written by one person, only one person’s name or monogram appears on stationery.
  • Only one person’s initials properly appear on stationery, as in a monogram. If two person’s initials are in a monogram, it ceases to be a monogram (hence mono means one).
  • Modern paper making has its origins in China. A man named Ts’ai Lun created the art of paper making in the first century A.D.
  • The first paper mill in America was built in 1690 by William Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse was the leader of a group of Mennonites who settled in Germantown, Pennsylvania.
  • Zenas Crane, founder of Crane’s Paper in Dalton, Massachusetts, was best friends with Paul Revere, a colonial engraver. Revere used fine cotton paper from Crane’s Mill to engrave George Washington’s Inaugural Ball invitations. All presidents with the exception of Bill Clinton have continued the tradition of Crane’s paper on their invitations.

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