Greek Gifts

Bundle A.JPG

Bundle A
Frame, Coffee Mug, Decal

Bundle B.JPG

Bundle B
Pillow, Hat, Coffee Mug

Bundle C.JPG

Bundle C
Water Bottle, Cheetah bag, Bar necklace, Coin purse, Eye Mask, Skinnie notepad

Bundle D.JPG

Bundle D
Pillow Case, Note card, Hat, Water Bottle, 
Phone pouch, Skinnie notepad, Cheetah bag,
Bar necklace

Bundle D.JPG

Bundle E
Pillow, Bar necklace, Note cards,
Cuff bracelet, Hat, Phone pouch,
Water Bottle, Pudgy notepad, Decal, Pajama Bottoms

One of Everything.JPG

One of Everything
Crest decal, Heart decal, Phone pouch,
Skinnie notepad, Note cards, Keychain, Eye Mask, Cheetah bag, Pudgy notepad, 
Beaded Bracelet, Coffee mug, Frame, Coin purse, Letter patches, Flat makeup, Water Bottle, Hat, Baublebar bracelet, Pajama bottoms, Pillow case, Bar necklace, Pillow


Crest Decal


Phone Pouch

Phone Pouch $12

Eye masks (3).JPG

 Eye Mask 

IMG_4919 (2).JPG

Coffee Mug 



 Letter Patches 



Pajama bottoms (2).JPG

Pajama Bottom

Heart Decal

Heart Decal


Key chains (2).JPG



 Cheetah Cosmetic Bag 

Bracelets - over the moon.JPG

Beaded Bracelet

Flat cosmetic bag (2).JPG

 Flat Makeup Bag 



Pillowcase (2).JPG

Pillow case

Skinnie notepad.JPG

Skinnie Notepad


 Sorority House Note Cards 

Pudgy notepad (2).JPG

 Pudgy Notepad 


 Beaded Coin Purse 

Water-bottles (2).jpg

16oz Water Bottle


 Baublebar Bracelet 

Pom Pom Pillow.JPG

Pom Pom Pillow 


Bar Necklace

Bar Necklace