What is a Mid Week gift? 

A Mid Week gift is a non-greek item delivered to the dorms to let your daughter know that you are thinking of her!  We have five themes this year that you can order from or you can design your own gift. We are not allowed into the dorms, but we drop off the gifts at the Panhellenic office in Adams tower. The Panhellenic group will deliver the gifts that evening.  Orders must be placed before 2:00 p.m. to be guaranteed for delivery that day. If the girls are not around when the gifts are delivered, they can either pick the gifts up at the panhellenic office or wait for delivery the next day.    

What is a Work-week gift? 

A Work-week gift is for girls who are already in a sorority and are working long hours all week getting ready for recruitment.  We will deliver a gift to your daughter's apartment/house or sorority house during work-week to let her know that you are thinking of her! We will deliver her gift directly to her house/apartment or sorority house.  Call the store if you would like other options to send your daughter.   

What is a Bid Day gift? 

A Bid day gift is a greek item(s) delivered to the sorority house and your daughter just joined.  It is filled with fun, new greek items of her new house.       

When will my daughter's Bid Day gift be delivered?

We receive the official Bid Day list at the same time your daughter receives her bid - around 2:00 p.m. Once we receive the list, we immediately begin to fill the pre-orders we have in the order that they were placed.  The time it takes us to deliver the gifts depends on the number of orders placed.  We begin delivery as soon as we have filled multiple orders and leave them at a predetermined designated place in each house. We will continue delivering gifts as late as we are allowed.  All gifts are usually delivered by 6:00 p.m.

Where will my daughter's Bid day gift be delivered and how will she know she received a gift?

We leave each Bid Day gift at a predetermined designated place in each sorority house. Each sorority has a designated member sign for the list of delivered gifts.  Please let your daughter know that she has a gift coming and to look for it at her sorority house.  Some sororities leave the house for a group activity so if your daughter has not received her gift before she leaves, tell her to check back at the house. 

What if my daughter cannot find her Bid Day gift?

There are so many gifts delivered to each house for Bid Day, so some gifts get lost in the shuffle.  Every gift that leaves our store is signed for by a member of their sorority.  Make sure your daughter asks at the house where her gift was left.  More often than not, the gifts were moved to a secondary location and she will need to ask where that spot is located.  If she still does not find her gift, call the store the next day and we will be able to speak to the member who signed the list and find out where the gifts were placed and make sure your daughter knows where to get her gift.  Once the gifts are delivered to the sorority house, we are no longer liable for the gift, but we are happy to go back to the sorority house and speak with the members to try and locate the gift that was left. We have only had 1 or 2 cases where we didn't locate a lost gift.

What if my daughter needs to exchange an item?

If she receives any items that she would like to exchange, she is welcome to come into the store within 30 days and exchange the item for another item of similar value or she can receive a gift card for the amount of the item.   

What if my daughter has more than one Mid Week gift per day and/or Bid Day Gift?

We make sure that your daughter only receives items that are not on the original pre-order.  If grandma wants to send her own gift, we will let her know what is available that has not already been pre-ordered by someone else.

When will I be charged for my gifts?

You will be charged for Mid Week gifts soon after you place the order.  We fill the Mid Week gift orders as soon as they are placed.  Bid Day Gifts will not be charged until Bid Day on August 13th. If you place an order and need to update your credit card, please call ASAP as to not delay your delivery. 

What if my daughter does not receive a bid or chooses not to accept a bid?

If your daughter decides to drop recruitment, she will not be on our bid day list so she will not receive a bid day gift. You will not need to call the store unless you would like to switch her bid day gift to a non-greek gift. 

If your daughter drops recruitment before bid day, then please call us and we can discuss if you would like to send a non-greek gift or not.

If your daughter decides not to accept a bid, then please call the store immediately so that we do not deliver a gift to that house for her.