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 The week of Recruitment can be an exciting and yet stressful time for your daughter.  We are here to help make her week as stress free as possible.  We deliver mid-week gifts (non-Greek gifts) starting Tuesday, August 17th thru Saturday, August 21st.  Send your daughter a gift that says, "I'm thinking of you" or "You've got this!"

Bid day is Sunday, August 22nd and we deliver to the sorority houses as soon as we receive the list and can fill their bags! 

Mid-week Gifts

 One way to show your love and support is by sending your daughter a Mid-week gift from August 17th until August 21st.  Mid-week gifts are non-Greek gifts that are delivered during the week of recruitment to say, "Good Luck!", "You've got this!", and "We love you!
You can pre-order Mid-week gifts throughout the summer as well as during the week of rush.  You have the option of selecting the items you would like to send, or you can give us a dollar amount and let us pick out the items. Don't forget the girls already in house - they are working hard and love to get gifts too! 

Bid Day Gifts

Bid day is Sunday, August 22nd!  Make sure to order your daughter something special from Occasions.  Bid day packages are filled with Greek items for the sorority that your daughter just joined.  You can either call, check out our website or stop by the store to pre-order your Bid Day gifts.  We fill each gift in the order it was placed - first come, first served.  You can create your own bid day gift, or you can give us an amount and let us create one for you.  We receive the bid day list the same time as the girls receive their bids.  We begin to immediately fill the pre-orders we have in the order that they were placed.  The time it takes us to deliver the gifts depends on the number of orders placed.  We begin delivery as soon as we have filled multiple orders and leave them at a predetermined designated place in each house.  There will be a sorority member who signs for each delivery.  We continue making and delivering baskets until all gifts have been delivered so if your daughter's gift is not in the first delivery, rest assured that it will be in the next delivery.